Guest of Honor: Paul Scholes
Welcome Back David May
And The Voice of Old Trafford: Alan Keegan

5th Annual Legends Weekend

The 5th Annual Legends Weekend will take place 28 February - 1 March. Our guest of honor this year is Paul Scholes, a true red legend. Paul was a member of the Class of '92. He won the Premier League ten times, retired, came out of retirement, and won it again. He was a part of the team that won three Premier Leagues in a row from 1998 to 2001. He won the Champions League twice. And one of those was part of The Treble that may never be repeated by an English team.

David May is returning to our Legends Weekend for a second time. David was also part of the team that won The Treble in 1999 and the Premier League twice.

Alan Keegan is The Voice of Old Trafford and we welcome him back for a second time to be our master of ceremonies for the weekend.

On Friday, 28 February, our guests will be hosted and celebrated at a banquet dinner. Details of the dinner venue are still being sorted out. This year's dinner sold out in one day which is a new record for our club.

Saturday, 29 February, our guests will join us for the match against Everton at Fado Midtown. After the match, they will be taking questions in a Q&A session. There will be a small cover charge for matchday. However, the cover charge is waived for members of ATLMUFC and dinner attendees.

It is likely the match with Everton will be rescheduled to Sunday, March 1. In the event that happens, the dinner will also be rescheduled to Saturday, 29 February.